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With great pleasure, we welcome you to www.naracamicie.gr/en/shop, the online store for selling clothes, created by the company under the name “NARA CAMICIE HELLAS SA”, with its base at Alimos, 62 Alimou Avenue, Postal Code 174 55, VAT number 998473580.

VAT NUMBER 998473580
GEMI 122074301000

Before you enter, please read the following Terms and Conditions that apply in the use of our online store www.naracamicie.gr/en/shop.

The company maintains the right to adjust or renew the present terms and conditions of all transactions taking place at the online store, at any time it is considered necessary and to inform users for any change through the website of the present e-shop.

Personal Data Protection

During your visit at the website www.naracamicie.gr/en/shop, some personal information will be requested to complete your order. Your full name, payment address as well as the shipping address, a phone number and, finally, your email are among them. Being over 18 years old and of legal capacity according to the law are prerequisites for making the order.

In case you wish to make a purchase using your credit card, the number, expiration date and 3-digit password will be asked of you. These data are processed by the company, as instructed by the law (7A, par. 1 (β) Ν2472/97), in order to complete the transaction and will, in no way, be revealed, published or sold to third parties, unless the procedure on lifting privacy instructs so or any obligations stem from the national application of Instruction 24/2006 command so.

Credit card information are not saved on company drives during the transaction, but instead they are kept on secure environment of the cooperating company (EDPS), ensuring that way an even greater level of security.


NARACAMICIE HELLAS, realizing the importance of safe transactions, as well as your personal data, has taken all necessary measures, to ensure the maximum level of security possible.

The online store’s security is achieved via an SSL certificate (SecureSocketLayers) 128bit, which secures the safe exchange of data between the two parties involved – the web page and the user’s browser.

Maintaining privacy is considered self-evident. The same basic principles applying to commercial transactions at physical stores also apply to electronic transactions. All information issued by the user are confidential and NARACAMICIE HELLAS has taken all necessary measures, so that they are only used at the level it is considered necessary for the provided services.

Only authorized personnel has access to the information of your transactions and only when it is needed – for example, to process your requests. NARACAMICIE HELLAS does not reveal data of customers or transactions, unless it is authorized in writing or legally obligated. No information of yours is used by a third party and transactions privacy is kept. For your own safety, you should also treat all the information that are relevant to the service as confidential and private and you should not reveal any of it to third parties. In any case, the online store of NARACAMICIE HELLAS does not publish or reveal your personal data.

Issued Information and Products

The Company is bound on the quality, completeness and validity of information displayed on the website www.naracamicie.gr/en/shop, regarding the existence of key characteristics which in case describe every product, as well as all transactions provided through the online store, under the reservation of potential technical or printed errors that have either escaped our attention or have occurred unintentionally or due to the website’s interruptions for reasons of force majeure.

Limitation of Liability

The Company puts the products of the online store for sale, according to the present terms of use and the current legislation and can provide no guarantee on the product availability, but is bound on informing customers on time in case of non-availability. The Company has no responsibility for actions or omissions of third parties regarding products and services or information provided through it. Finally, the online store has no responsibility for potential technical problems that could possibly occur to users during accessing the website.


The present web page is the official online store of NARACAMICIE HELLAS. The entire web page content, including images, graphics, photographs, designs, texts and products is property of the Company and is protected according to the relevant provisions of Greek and European Law and the international contracts.

User’s Responsibility

Visitors are obligated to use the online store according to the law and to not proceed in actions that can cause technical damage to them or the online space of the Company.

Product Order and Consumer Protection

The placement of an order at an online store is to enter a contract from a distance and is bound by the terms of article 4 of Law N.2251/1994 (Consumer Protection) as it has been amended and enforced today.

You have a right to enter a distance contract, as long as you are legally competent, as described in the relevant articles of Greek Civil Code and, specifically, if you have turned 18 years old.

Making an Order via E-shop

The order process on our online store is easy and secure. As long as you have chosen the product(s) you wish, by adding them to your cart (clicking the button), you will realize that you will be able to review your cart in the upper right part of your screen as it keeps being updated. As soon as you complete your shopping, click the “Cart” button and then follow the steps below:

Shop by Creating an Account: In this case, you will be informed with updates on your pending order and keep track of your old ones. You will be asked to enter your name, last name, email, phone number, fax number if you have one, address, city, post code, country and region (Note: every box with an asterisk * must be filled in). To complete your order by creating an account, you must also create a password, which, in combination to your email will grant you access to your data every time you wish to view it.

Shop as a Visitor: In this case, you will only be asked to give your name, last name, email, phone number, fax number if you have one, address, city, post code, country and region.

Payment Options

  1. Pay on Delivery without additional cost at your space. In this case, the customer is obligated to pay in cash just the value of the product. The pay-on-delivery cost will be paid by our company.
  2. Credit Card Payment. In this case, the customer is obligated to show their ID and credit card that was used for the purchase during the delivery of the products. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Diners and American Express credit cards. To encrypt your information, we use the SecureSocketLayer (SSL) method.
  3. Bank Depositin one of the following accounts, with “ΝΑΡΑ ΚΑΜΙΤΣΙΕ ΕΛΛΑΣ Α.Ε.” as the beneficiary.

Available Bank Accounts:

EUROBANK 0026.0207.66.0200644981 – GR93 0260 2070 0006 6020 0644 981

ALPHABANK 154002320008689 – GR74 0140 1540 1540 0232 0008 689

EΘΝΙΚΗTΡΑΠΕΖΑ 18147024337 – GR18 0110 1810 0000 1814 7024 337

After you have selected the bank deposit and completed your order, deposit the amount in one of the accounts above and send us a copy of the receipt with a fax at +30 210 9831402 or via email at sales@naracamicie.gr, writing your full name and order number.

In case you cannot send us the receipt, please send us an email with the date of the deposit, the order number, your full name and a telephone number. As soon as we receive the receipt, we will proceed with the shipment. If you have not gone through with the deposit within 2 workdays, your order will be cancelled.

Order Confirmation

When you have completed every step, your order is confirmed by our system and you are automatically informed that we have received it.

As your order is being processed, it is possible that you will receive emails updating you on its status.


The consumer can exercise the right of withdrawal 14 days after receipt of his order and request a refund and not necessarily a new order, without justifying the return.
The merchant must return the money within 14 days of receiving the cancellation request. However, it may be delayed to return the money if merchant does not receive the products or proof of return. Refunds include shipping costs paid by the consumer for the purchase.


You have the right to return the product within 14 days from the date you received it, paying the cost of shipment for the product’s return, given that it is not harmed or used. An exchange for the second time on products that have already been exchanged once, is not allowed. The product you wish to exchange must be accompanied with the original receipt of purchase.

For the cases where it is proven that products other or different from the ones you ordered have been delivered to you, the return cost is carried by the Company.

The same applies for the cases where, in spite of the quality check, the product you received is proven to be flawed.

To return the products, you must go to the “Customer Service” section and select the return form, fill in your full name, email and phone number, order number and date, product name and code, quantity and reason for returning it. The procedure is complete as you enter the 6-digit code and press “Next”.

Order Cancellation

Before you complete your order and during the inline process, you can back out and remove the quantity you wish from your shopping cart.

If you have completed your online order and you have not been informed on its shipment, you can call +30 210 9852211 and an associate of ours will take care of cancelling your order.

Delivery Options and Cost

www.naracamicie.gr/en/shop delivers its products everywhere in Greece and Cyprus.

-For shipments in Greece, delivery takes place on the address you have given us, by “Geniki Taxydromiki” couriers, who is our company’s associate, and delivery time varies between 1 and 10 days from the date you placed the order (shipment time depends on gathering the products in our storing space).

-For shipments in Cyprus, delivery takes place on the address you have given us, by “Geniki Taxydromiki” couriers and delivery time varies between 1 and 7 days from the date you placed the order (shipment time depends on gathering the products in our storing space).

Every shipment is accompanied with a barcode sticker, which is available to you, allowing you to track your package through the web page www.taxydromiki.gr/track. In this case, shipment and packaging costs are 15€, while the cash-on-delivery service is also available without extra cost.

In any case, the courier company delivers Monday through Friday, from 09:00 am until 17:00 pm, with the exception of Public Holidays. The above deadline is not valid in case of extreme weather phenomena or strikes and in any case of force majeure that can affect delivery times. If there is an unexcused delay in your order, please call us at +30 210 9852211 or email us at sales@naracamicie.gr.

Product Prices

The prices displayed on the website are final, which means they include VAT. www.naracamicie.gr/shop reserves the right to adjust prices without previously informing its customers. On the other hand, the customer is obligated, at the time of delivery, to pay the price that the product had at the time of order.

Our pricing policy is the same for all NARACAMICIEHELLAS stores – although, at some of our products, there might be difference in prices between the online and the physical store due to promotion actions. Such promotion actions apply only to purchases via the online store and deliveries to your place.

Applicable law and courts

The present contract is in accordance with the Greek Law and courts of Athens are exclusively in charge of solving differences that stem from such contracts.


The customer of www.naracamicie.gr/shop can contact us at +30 210 9852211 from 09:00 am to 17:00 pm, email us at sales@naracamicie.gr or at the post address:

62 Alimou Ave., Alimos
Post Code 17455


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